IPC Services: Initial Phase Construction Plans, And Preconstruction

Services for Owner-Builders in Florida

IPC Services specializes in helping owner builders get their projects off the ground quickly and stress-free.

Who is an owner builder? Any individual who chooses to build his or her own home despite not having a builder’s license can qualify as an owner-builder. This may range from the person who does all the work on his home himself, to the one who orchestrates hiring and scheduling subcontractors to do all the physical work on the home.

While this used to be a common and rather simple situation, hurricanes and other natural disasters have forced the need for stronger building codes throughout the State of Florida. As such, building plans are actually a very small part of the paperwork that is required by local building departments in order to obtain a building permit.

Whether you want to build the custom home you've always wanted, or renovate your current home, IPC Services is there to help. We offer expert advice, consulting services, and permitting assistance to keep your project running smoothly.

Whatever you need to get your home or renovation project underway, we can help.

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